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Meditation is not about being another person, being a new person, or even a better person. It’s all about awareness preparation and having a good sense of perspective. You are not going to switch off emotions or ideas. You begin to watch them without judgment. And finally, you might also begin to understand them clearly. Music increases the effectiveness of meditation.

Would you like to learn how people meditate, how they go about listening to music while meditating if you should listen to music during your meditation process, as well as the advantages of music while meditating? If so then keep reading! Also, you will find a meditation playlist with the best music at the end of the page.


Simple Steps for Beginners:

1.Sit or lie. Just be comfortable with your position. If you want you can also buy a meditation chair or cushion. 

2. Close your eyes.

3. Not try to control your breathing. Just breathe naturally. We don’t want you to focus on your breathing style.

4. Focus on your breath in a different way. Notice how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.   Look at your chest, your shoulders, your rib cage, and your belly. Just focus your mind on the breath without trying to control its rhythm or loudness. If your brain goes away; go back to your breath, bring it back.

Keep this meditation practice lasting for two to three minutes, and then go for longer durations.


There are multiple styles in meditation, some contain music and others do not. Those styles who use music often do so to take you on a spiritual journey, or to empower relaxation. 

In general, what makes one person happy may not work for another person. Some people can feel totally distracted by music. For other people, it can help them to feel more peaceful and relaxed.

So, the answer is; do what you want, how you feel!



The benefits of music during meditation are life-changing. Through mediation the effects of music are life-changing. They are so fantastic you could find it hard to believe at first. You’ll be absolutely amazed. Here are several advantages:

1. Cut back on stress: One advantage of playing music when meditating is reducing the stress and anxiety intensity. Stress is one of the most widespread problems facing the world today. When your job is quite stressful, sometimes feeling nervous-out is really normal for you. Listening to enjoyable and calming tones and music while meditating will make you feel calmer and will remove tension from your day.

2. Deep Focus: If you want to have deeper focus meditation then in the background you should also have some nice and soft music. That will help increase your cognitive abilities and help you meditate more pleasantly. Also, those who practice meditation with music can find inner peace and happiness inside of themselves.

3. Rehabilitates The Body: If you have soft and calming music in the background, meditation will affect you more. This will naturally allow the body to recover. Playing music when meditating after an operation has many advantages. Not only does meditation cure psychological damages but also physical problems. This is the mind’s power. You just have to direct it, then it is going to take care of the rest.

4. Encourages You Eat Healthier: During meditation if you listen to music, it can help you control your eating disorders. If you can gain weight really quickly, starting meditation would be a perfect solution. And of course at the same time with meditation, you should listen to nice music. When you are about to eat you’ll see improvements at the dining table. This will help you to protect your weight and if you want to lose extra pounds.

meditation music balance

5. Balances The Emotions: It’s necessary to have an emotional balance. You don’t know which issue you will have and when.  The stabilized mind will protect you when problems and bad scenarios happen. Listening to music when meditating will help you balance your thoughts. People who listen to music during meditation at regular time intervals will relax their lives. They’re more able to handle feelings.

6. Increased Concentration: If you listen to music while meditating you will also be able to boost your concentration rate. If you’re a college student you can study and learn easier. Even if you have a stressful working life, you’ll be able to focus more on those different projects. All the presentations will be made easily. It is all about how awesome this practice is.

7. Improves Sexual Desire: There are many women who want to get back the long-lost connection they once had with their partners. When you’ve been married for many years it’s a little difficult. But trust me, never is this impossible. The music and meditation mix is what you need to boost your sex life. It will activate the forgotten connection between you two, especially if you are practicing together.  Not just that, the bedroom skills will be enhanced too. So how good it is now!

8. Keep Calm When Traveling: While traveling, there really are a lot of people who stress out. Generally, it’s normal. Anyone can fix this problem. When traveling with meditation, you can relax. You don’t need to be in a lotus pose to do meditation. You can also do it in your chair while you are resting. With this gentle and soft music, it will be more helpful.

Meditation travelling music

9. Inspires People: You will feel inspired if you listen to music while you’re meditating. This gives a nice inner feeling and you can rest and enjoy yourself. You’ll feel better for yourself, too. For those who have lost their faith in life, this is a wonderful source of inspiration. You could also recommend to anybody who deals with anxiety and depression.


10. Makes You Sleep Better: Sleep is life-saving. Satisfactory and high-quality sleep improves workplace performance. We can not get proper sleep because of the anxiety and monotony of life. Here mediation comes to save us. You’re going to be a person that’s much calmer and sleep well. A good night’s sleep will prove you are doing your best in the daytime. Your manager will be amazed!


After reading this, we know you want to give a chance to music during your meditation. When you search for a good playlist, you will find lots of lists for meditation music. Don’t be confused! In our TalentMondo Spotify list you will find the top music for meditation. We searched all the popular lists and prepared a list with the best of the best.

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