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In this blog post we will tell you about Latin dance: Where does it come from? 5 popular Latin dance styles. The benefits of Latin dance on your physical and mental health. Keep reading to learn more! Then we are sure, you will think like ‘’I must add Latin dance to my to-do list!’’


Originally, the Latin dances we know today were dances of celebration and culture. Based on regular customs such as hunting, gathering, farming and worship. European explorers and settlers colonizing South and Central America adopted these local dances beginning in the 16th century. They applied their own structure to them. This influence developed modern Latin dancing from the European upper class and Africa.

latin dance
latin dancer


While Latin Dance’s origins are broad. Rhythms of it allow freedom of self-expression and improvisation. These are the common points they all share, producing a style of dance that has a very unique and joyful.

Hip movement and semi-closed or closed frames between partners include the in South and Central America. Both dancers stand upright with their weight on the balls of their feet while doing Latin Dance. The partners are compact but slightly apart from each other. The dance frame is solid and set. The steps and movements are swift and have a specific flow despite the dancer’s posture.

The distinctions between styles of Latin Dance are caused by the dance’s geographical roots and are often in the gestures and counts of the moves.

latin dancers
latin dances


People are trying to perform the best Latin dance because it can be used as a way to benefit from participating in dance activities for physical and mental health benefits. It provides to its participants the enjoyable and cheery atmosphere. It is a way of entertaining others and socializing.

Latin dance dynamics will decrease the feeling of stress. Thus boost energy levels in people of all ages.

The National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood discovered: Social dancing could lead to reducing risks of heart disease, lower blood pressure. Also, help people control their weight.

It enhances blood flow and oxygen to the brain. The social aspect of dance can lead to less tension and feelings of isolation. The emergence of technology is an ever-growing problem in the world today. It may help relieve depression because of the relationship component of social dancing. By memorizing the dance moves, you can keep your brain engaged and alert during the dance.

latin dance salsa rumba latino dance



Salsa is a romantic dance. It is done with a partner. It is Puerto Rico’s traditional dance. You perform to four beats when you dance salsa, and use just three steps. It is completely flexible! Where does the word Salsa derive from? The term salsa is simply the Spanish word for “sauce,” referring to the hot or spicy taste. It considered to be a spicy, sexy dance. So if you want to take salsa lessons, think of your movements being more saucy!


The Cha Cha is created from the rumba and the mambo. It means of the Chasse (triple steps) and rock steps. In Cha Cha, dancers hold their feet close to the floor and let their hips shift freely. Similar to other Latin dances. However, since it can be danced to different styles of music, such as traditional Cuban music, Latin Pop, or Latin Rock. It’s a more flexible dance! We love it because in this style, Cuban flair is key, so if you’re looking for new stuff to try, the Cha Cha might be a fun beginning. Everybody can learn the Cha Cha.


Rumba originates from Cuba. It was initially a pair of romantic male-female dances. The rumba is romantic, with its elegant Latin hip gestures. The rumba is danced with a basic design of two quick side steps and a slow forward step. Best remembered for the dancers’ elegant side to side hip motions with the torso held upright. Each bar is executed in three measures. The music has an insistent rhythmic pattern, in 4/4 time. You can easily learn Rumba!


Mamba means “conversation with the gods.” In Cuban dance that means “shake it” or “say it.” We love it because the mambo is a must with Cuban hip motions, and the foot points, flicks, and kicks make for a fantastic display. The three-beat step is it’s signature move. The dancer, all while changing weight between feet, moves forward and then backward. Hip-swaying motion is so widespread in Latin Dance. Mambo has become popular in recent years thanks to Ricky Martin. He is bringing attention to its unique and dynamic features.


Since the late 16th century, Samba has been performed in Brazil as a street festival and celebration dance. Performed by a single person, not in partnership. It is more difficult than the rest of the Latin Dances. It was structured for ballroom dancers. Samba became globally popular in the 1920s and 1930s. For their bounce motion and sequence of forward and backward moves, all variations are known, usually performed in a closed dance frame. Samba has led to its continued success. It is cheerful and infectious.

latin dance cha cha rumba salsa


After learning the origins, benefits and five famous styles of Latin dance you should give them a chance! On you can book an online Latin dance session with our professional dancers.

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