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Does having a good relationship with food mean just eating ‘’healthy/good/clean’’ foods? If this is your train of thought, guess again! During the pandemic, we started to work from home, and we stayed at home more often for social distancing. As a result of this, a lot of people gained weight. What was the reason for this? Did we listen to our bodies? No! People just ate because, well because of boredom. Unfortunately this is a bad habit (most) of us did pick up. The good news is If you have a good relationship with food then everything in your life will change for the better! Your mood and energy will improve. Your mental health will be better. You will feel better. Your mind will be more clear. (Honestly, how often do you think about food throughout the day?) 

You will save money, and benefit from much more!

In this blog post: You will understand what the meaning of a good relationship with food is. How do we build it? What mistakes do we make when eating?

Why do you eat? 

Because you are bored? There is nothing to do? You had a craving for something? Please, look at your daily eating habits. Analyze them. This is the starting point for healthy eating habits (we all have to start somewhere). If your results look something like this, ‘’I ate because my body needed fuel, and I gave it what it needs’’ you probably already have a good relationship with food. 

However most of our answers went more along the lines of, “I ate because I was bored. I just ate without reason.’’ This shows us its time to change our relationship with food, and that’s ok!

What mistakes do you make when eating? 

First of all, keep in mind there are no good or bad foods. Don’t classify foods. The mistakes start from this perspective. This is the main reason why you can’t have a good relationship. Do you think carbs are your enemy? No, carbs are not your enemy and, among other myths, whole wheat bread isn’t always your buddy. Being super strict during the week but indulging on the weekend is also a big mistake. We have lots of different options, don’t eat the same food over and over. Continuing to eat even though you are full. Also, trying to finish your plate. You eat without thinking. You have a lack of control over your eating. You don’t listen to your stomach. When your body needs water you think, you are hungry. You eat fast. Watching something while you are eating. You eat in the kitchen without sitting. You don’t eat mindfully. Eating in secret. You may continue eating even long after you’re uncomfortably full… There are many more examples of not having a good relationship with food.

How can you build a good relationship with food? 

Change your mind about good/bad foods. Food is fuel! Know that it provides nutrients for your body, no matter what you consume. Healthy food is all food, so bon appétit! Learn to listen to your body. Understand what it wants from you. When you think I want to eat now, first ask “does my body need this”? While you are eating, focus on your plate and ask yourself ‘’am I full?’’. If you really want to eat that chocolate, hamburger, pizza of course you can eat it. Because there are no bad foods. Eat everything in the right dose!

Variation in types of food and balance indicates an ability to eat both for pleasure and for hunger. Don’t be too restrictive on yourself, otherwise, it may increase your desire to eat more. Change the way you think about carbs. Don’t forget oil won’t make you fat! If you need psychological help, don’t be afraid to seek it out! Flexibility is the key to a good relationship with food. Do not try to change everything quickly when handling your eating habits. Try to make small changes part of your lifestyle. Don’t listen to what other people say. Don’t think food is the only way to change your mood. 

 Every human is different, don’t believe the general rules. Just believe in yourself you will find what works best for you.

Building a good relationship with food with help!

Sometimes telling yourself you don’t have a good relationship with food is hard. Accepting that you don’t have a good relationship with food is the biggest step towards changing that. If you wanted to change this relationship but couldn’t manage to do so by yourself, you can work with a professional nutritionist and psychologist. With TalentMondo you can work with nutritionists and psychologists from your home. TalentMondo is an online platform for wellbeing. Working with a professional can make the process much easier. 

Don’t forget to believe in yourself because you can do it!

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