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Being healthy is a combination of mental and physical health. If you want to keep yourself in shape, you should first take care of your mental health. These have an important impact on one another. Please, take care of your mental health before your appearance 🙂 

Okay, let’s talk about what you are looking for: Staying in shape while working from home! During the Coronavirus pandemic many people started working from home, unfortunately gyms across the world closed at the same time. Chances are that your group lessons were canceled as well as personal training sessions. While it is difficult to find the motivation to workout and stay in shape during these hard and testing periods, it can be nice to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, during self-isolation, you can continue staying in shape, either with or without equipment, through tons of at-home fitness tricks. 

Most remote work is done while sitting at the computer or on the phone, which means workers will end up staying for a long period of time in one location. This can all contribute to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. So to help you stay in shape, we have prepared a list of tips for you…


Adding movement to your current routine for staying in shape

When you make it a part of your everyday life, you can quickly incorporate exercise into your routine. Routines are difficult to begin however they are easier to stick with. Here is an easy one! In the morning, after reading your inbox, you finish your first task of the day, Right? This is a great time to take a break and move briskly for 40 minutes. This will help you be more active physically (staying in shape) and improves morale during the day!


Create times for walking if you want to stay in shape

Try not to use your car as much as possible. Don’t take your car to do your market shopping. Use the stairs, not the elevator! Get off the bus one stop before or walk forward one-stop to get on the bus. Just stand up and walk in your home for no reason. Prepare your own meals and try not to order in. Climb the stairs of your house just because. Creating opportunities to walk is one of the most important ways to increase blood flow, stimulate your metabolism, and keep you in shape.

Choose a comfortable chair

You will spend all day in it, so it should be comfortable! If it is not comfortable, you will face some physical problems and it will affect your exercise routine in a negative manner. Maybe, you won’t be able to have energy and good physical conditions for exercising. How can you stay in shape in this terrible situation.

Get up every hour and get out at least once a day

Getting stuck in your seat can be simple especially since you feel comfortable in your room. To remind yourself to get up and stretch once an hour, set a timer on your phone, like we mentioned before sitting in the same uncomfortable positions for hours on end has quite a negative impact on your body. While stretching indoors is very important, fresh air is equally necessary. Getting out of the house just to stroll around the block will not only help you stay in shape but improve your mental health.

Set a schedule and stick to it

Waking up late and working at unusual hours can be tempting, but you can benefit from your mental health and the quality of your job by setting a schedule as if you were going to the office. Use versatility to your advantage as you build your schedule. Create a routine that works best for you, what hours you feel more energized, and the exercises that suit you best. Once you are comfortable with it, try it out and don’t forget to stick with it! 

Create a healthy relationship with food

Staying in shape starts from inside of your body. Feed it with healthy products but don’t be too strict with yourself. Foods are not bad or good, don’t fall into this mindset. Listen to your body’s needs and wants and give them to it. The main power for staying in shape is creating a healthy relationship with food!


Get on your bicycle

To get your blood pressure up, take a 10-minute break from your job a few times a day if you have an exercise bike at home. You will get the blood flowing and burn body fat with quick bursts of high-intensity exercise. It’s really helpful for staying in shape.


Stretching is really important for your muscles and it also positively affects your mood. For staying in shape, it is an essential and easy step.


You don’t have a full 30 minutes for your shape?

For you to find 30 continuous minutes to work out it is not necessary. When you divide the workout into tiny bits, you’ll get just as much gain. Try it 10 minutes before you start working, 10 minutes after lunch, and 10 minutes after work. If you really want to feel better, you can do it.

Use apps or websites for exercising

In 2020, everything can be done on the internet. Find an online platform for yourself for exercising. It will also be a solution for any loneliness you may be experiencing. Online exercising platforms are useful ways of staying in shape and protecting your mental health. After every exercise session, you will feel much better.

TalentMondo is the best platform for staying in shape

TalentMondo is great for Livestream classes. For staying in shape and protecting your mental health, you can find lots of different sessions. TalentMondo has lots of instructors from around the world. So, you can find any time for online sessions with professional talents. From yoga to meditation, meditation to pilates, pilates to personal trainers, personal trainers to dietitians, dietitians to life coaches, life coaches to psychologists… Just go on for staying in shape with good mental health. 

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