Online Services

TalentMondo is Evolving Sharply

Talentmondo is the fastest-growing tutor & babysitter network in Milano, Madrid, and London. The positive feedback of the families who benefit from our services led us to develop ourselves more and decided to build an online, private services platform.

We are now ready to meet with your needs in 7 different service verticals! In this article, you can find all the details about TalentMondo and the services it offers.

1) Online Tutor Service

It is important that the person you will entrust your child with certain equipment and reliable references. If you receive online trained and professional care, you can easily concentrate on your work, and feel safe and easily leave your child. At this point, if you are looking for an online tutor for your baby or child, you can visit TalentMondo!

In this way, you can find qualified and professional tutors that meet your criteria and meet your needs in a short time and easily. TalentMondo conducts detailed interviews with all candidate tutors and checks the necessary documents. It enables you to reach ideal tutor candidates in a short time.

2) Online Nutrition

Getting an online dietician consultation is a perfect way to improve the quality of life and overall health and well-being. Several weight loss or weight gain program that you look online may or may not suit you, because it is not personalized as per your needs and body. But getting an online consultation with a nutritionist or top dietician will help you to achieve your health goals. Because they are customized as per your body type and daily routine.

In addition to this, you also get an opportunity to get expert health plan from dietician based in any part of the world. As an online platform, TalentMondo now offers you, nutrition classes, with a professional and certified nutritionist. With this platform, which is both affordable and easily accessible without leaving your home, you can reach the tips of healthy nutrition and have a regular nutrition program with a diet list tailored for you.

3) Online Yoga

Practicing yoga is a great way to destress, build strength, become more flexible, get in tune with your body, and boost your overall wellbeing. But it can be an expensive and time-consuming activity. Plus, most people struggle to make it to the studio consistently. And who can blame them? Between school, work, family, friends, and other hobbies, we’re all busy. Taking yoga classes at home can reduce these problems.

Whether you’re a yoga veteran or a newbie, let’s face it: Walking into a yoga class can feel scary. Maybe you are nervous you won’t be able to do all of the poses or understand the teacher’s instructions. Perhaps you feel different than the other people in the class or worry you’re not wearing the “right” clothes.

TalentMondo will help you solve this with more affordable instructors from all over the world! You will be able to reach to the best yoga instructors wherever you are and whenever you want! Between getting in the car, driving, finding parking, and walking in and also repeating the process in reverse when you leave, an in-person class can often eat up two hours of your day. An online course, however, takes seconds to get started.

4) Online Pilates

Many people like Pilates when they want to relax. However, to do it perfectly, one may want to attend classes. One can either find a Pilates class where there is an instructor who guides him/her one on one or just attend a Pilates class online. If you’re too busy to enroll in a Pilates class, you can just register for a Pilates class on TalentMondo!

Through an online class, you can experience Pilates at your most convenient time. Online classes are the most convenient way of learning Pilates since it is not necessary to be with the instructor to attend such classes. All you need for such online classes is an internet connection and your computer!

5) Online Language Learning

Online courses are increasing in popularity and attendance among college students. Also foreign language e-learning courses are one of the many classes students are enrolling in. While you may find this surprising, due to advances in technology and new learning techniques, education professionals are finding that e-learning provides a great way to ensure that you too can become multilingual. TalentMondo’s online courses provide cheaper lessons than other language courses and you will have chance to practice with native speakers!

Mastering a new language is not as simple as learning new vocabulary. Most often it will require a prolonged period of study, patience, and time. The good news is that TalentMondo’s online courses offer a variety of lesson plans and multimedia tools to address reading, writing, listening, and speaking a new language. In this environment, a teacher is still present to foster growth and understanding of the language being taught, but some other tools and resources will help students learn and grow!

6) Online Therapy

Online therapy is fast becoming a popular model for support for young people. Already numerous studies suggest that online therapy, when combined with cognitive behavior therapy, can be effective on a variety of clinical issues.

TalentMondo’s online therapy is convenient. Both the therapist and the client have the convenience of corresponding with each other at a range of various times. This style of therapy can take away the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments more common in traditional settings. This also creates an opportunity for the therapist to extend their services to more clients as appointments can be potentially scheduled over 24 hours and reach a larger geographical region.

7) Online Personal Trainer

Since the workout sessions aren’t done in person, you can choose to workout anytime you like. We’re all busy. You don’t want to have to coordinate schedules with someone who trains in a gym across town, or rush to and from work to get to the gym. Another bonus is that many online workouts contain a lot of bodyweight exercises, which can be completed at home.

You’re now in charge of your fitness! Not everyone can afford one-on-one gym sessions. Especially if you want to train more than once a week, personal training can have a pretty hefty price tag. But TalentMondo’s online personal trainers charge a lot less than in-person sessions. While online training may involve more self-motivation, your trainer is just a click away. There really are no excuses anymore!