Shake The Dust (EN)

Shake The Dust (EN)

Chiara Loos

Chiara Loos



A class that will at best deliver a great workout, SWEAT, a cathartic release, and a strong, resilient body. Shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive movement (some yoga sometimes too), pilates, somatics, and bodyweight training. All supported by a kick-ass playlist. Spotify Premium is highly recommended for this class!

Please arrive 5 minutes earlier if possible to have enough time to arrive, prepare and start on time. <3

8 Credits


10 people

60 minutes




Get to know the instructor

Chiara Loos

Moi, my name is Chiara. I am a German living and celebrating life in Finland.

I love to connect - especially via movement. But we are all different, right? Therefore I want you to find an authentic connection to yourself and your body in my classes. I use anatomy, music, yoga asanas, and my voice to guide you through Authentic Flows.

I offer three different classes:

1) Authentic Mornings: Wake up with your body, breath, and whole being. Find read more

Cancelation Policy

Cancel 12 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee. A missed reservation will result no credits refunds back.