Coaching one-on-one

Coaching one-on-one

Viktor Hultén

Viktor Hultén



Come with a topic/challenge in your life that you would like to explore. Or show up, to whatever shows up during the session.

28 Credits


1 people

60 minutes




Get to know the instructor

Viktor Hultén

My name is Viktor and I live in Sweden. In a Community/Course and Festival center. I love moving, dancing, meditation, yoga, coaching, nature, barefoot running, cold waters and deep breaths. Stillness, Playfulness and Care. I practice Zen Coaching and Non Violent Communication. I have spent 6 months in a Zen temple, over a period of two years. Before that I studied technical design and work in surface designing. Today I am offering coaching withi read more

Cancelation Policy

Cancel 12 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee. A missed reservation will result no credits refunds back.