Sun Salutation A / Surya Namaskar A

Sun Salutation A / Surya Namaskar A

Melian Dott

Melian Dott


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Sun Salutation A/ Surya Namaskar A

Gentle Vinyasa class to start your day, bringing alertness and purpose to your week. Sun Salutations sequence is a wonderful overall yoga stretch that incorporates flexibility, strength and balance. The class is open to all levels of yogi, as each pose has a variations.

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Melian Dott

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years and completed my 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher training (Yoga Alliance accredited) course in 2017. I began teaching my first class the day after graduating. I have since completed a pregnancy yoga course, a Nidra course and a yoga for injuries course. I have been doing aerial yoga for the last 5 years and have recently completed my Aerial yoga teachers training. have completed a number of weekend course read more

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Sun Salutation A / Surya Namaskar A

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