Reviving Hypnotherapeutic Relaxation

Reviving Hypnotherapeutic Relaxation

Renja Reenpää

Renja Reenpää


Would you like to let go of the weeks work stress? To really take a moment for yourself, float down to calmness and center yourself for the coming days...This is a deep relaxation done with hypnotherapeutic methods that will help you calm down your body and mind. You will feel magnificent and rested afterwards.

24 Credits


10 people

45 minutes




Get to know the instructor

Renja Reenpää

I am a Mentor Masterclass certified (cap)ability coach, inspirational speaker and a soon to be clinical hypnotherapist. With my MSc in Economics and a business background I am ready and ridiculously excited to be your coach, your guide and your support.

I work in English and in Finnish.

My expertise lies in finding and fortifying your abilities. Be it your career or personal life.

I also do inspirational talks and workshops about abilities read more

Cancelation Policy

Cancel 12 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee. A missed reservation will result no credits refunds back.