A Guide to Basic Yoga Poses

A Guide to Basic Yoga Poses

Deniz Balkanlı

Deniz Balkanlı


This is a class that shows tips for basic yoga poses.

Most of the people do yoga but they have no idea wether they are doing it correctly. Especially with online classes, it is easy to get injured if you don't know how to identify a false move.

Yoga requires us to use and stretch our muscles in unique ways. This fact alone is why proper alignment and listening to the limitations of our body is vital to avoiding injury.

This class will show you how to find out if a pose works and where to focus physically and mentally while you do them.

10 Credits


10 people

30 minutes




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Deniz Balkanlı

I was born in istanbul.

I spread my positivity, creativity and motivation through powerful tools and techniques to help uncover answers, gain clarity on needs and what could be holding things back. 

This level of awareness and support encourages people and projects to break through any obstacles and  go on to reach their potentials by achieving their ambitions. 

After graduating from Lycèe Saint Benoit I started working  as an Assistant Director read more

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