I am a really empathic person that likes to help people to get in contact with their own inner wisdom and the signals of their bodies. In these weird times with Covid it is so important to get connected. On my own personal path back to feeling I came across Reiki and this was magical and it helped me in my personal growth. Now I would like to connect with beautiful people through Reiki and let them be amazed by the healing qualities. Do you have any complaint on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level? Reiki always goes to the source of the complaint and heals from there. As reiki is a natural form of healing it treats the whole system, all the levels in the system are believed to be intertwined. That means that sometimes complaints are immediately taken away and sometimes a complaint that looks simple, needs more care on another level first to be healed eventually. I would love you get to know the healing properties of Reiki and to let it open new doors for you. Would you like me to challenge/ heal you?



Reiki practisioner

from 2021 to now


ZoMa holistisch therapeut

from 2019 to now