Moi, my name is Chiara. I am a German living and celebrating life in Finland. I love to connect - especially via movement. But we are all different, right? Therefore I want you to find an authentic connection to yourself and your body in my classes. I use anatomy, music, yoga asanas, and my voice to guide you through Authentic Flows. I offer three different classes: 1) Authentic Mornings: Wake up with your body, breath, and whole being. Find an authentic connection to your day. In this Yoga Class we will flow through an Authentic Flow to give your body what it needs to start the day. Not too spicy but still a little bit sweaty. 2) Authentic Discoveries: Dive into the interconnectedness of everything inside you and around you. How can you discover it through movement? Changing topics will make each class a new discovery. Sometimes soft, sometimes heated. Discover Authentic Flow. Discover Yoga. All levels welcome. 3) Shake The Dust: A class that will deliver a great workout, SWEAT, a cathartic release, and a strong, resilient body. Shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive movement (some yoga sometimes too), pilates, somatics, and bodyweight training. All supported by a kick-ass playlist. Shake off your dust with me! Would love to e-see you very soon on the mat <3


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Authentic Flow Tribe 200h YTT

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FOM University of Applied Sciences

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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

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