I was born in istanbul. I spread my positivity, creativity and motivation through powerful tools and techniques to help uncover answers, gain clarity on needs and what could be holding things back.  This level of awareness and support encourages people and projects to break through any obstacles and  go on to reach their potentials by achieving their ambitions.  After graduating from Lycèe Saint Benoit I started working  as an Assistant Director and Executive Producer for production agencies such First-Unit Film Productions, Anima, Istanbuldogz, TBWA Istanbul. Then I moved to Los Angeles, CA to study Psychology and Art. When I came back to Istanbul, I studied Management of Performing Arts at Istanbul Bilgi University while singing at Lape Hospital. The hospital experience inspired me into doing more for those who suffer mentally and who wants to awaken their soul. I started Erickson International's Coaching Program, after getting my certificate as a Professional Life Coach,  I started coaching in branches such as Life and Relationship Coaching, Communication Consultancy, Motivational Coaching, Mindfulness and Social Development Coaching.  I also got a teacher’s training license from Yoga Kioo International, I started teaching yoga and meditation. Currently I work as a professional coach and performing artist. I have strong interpersonal skills  especially in the area of communication and presentability. I am eligible to travel and work with a wide variety of people and projects. I am blessed with a strong aura.  I would like to call myself a traveler.  I try to connect with my higher self through expanding my consciousness. I am interested in esoteric knowledge and living my own design. I find magic in the nature.  I feel free when I dance and sing.  I like to dream to fly.


Erickson Coaching


from 2017 to now


Santa Monica College

from 2011 to 2013

Yoga Kioo İnternational

from 2018 to 2018

Istanbul Bilgi University

from 2014 to 2017